Discover your essence to BE your true self, and from that space, know what you should DO in business and get what you want to HAVE in life.

Essence & Business

Your Essence

In this session you will discover:

  • Who are you at the soul level

  • The main attributes in your essence

  • The characteristics that help you in this incarnation

  • The limitations that you need to pay attention to

  • Your energy design map

  • The ideal way to make decisions based on your essence

  • The strategy that helps you live without resistance or setbacks

  • Your life purpose in this lifetime

  • Who are the people that you are here to help

  • The ideal way to work with others

  • And more!

In this session, you will discover Who You Are at the level of your essence and your soul contract, and the characteristics and energies available for you in this lifetime.  


Lety will use a variety of Soul Technologies, including Akashic Records, Gene Keys, Human Design, and Mayan Cosmology among others.

Step 1


Discover Your Essence

Step 1 - "Discover YourEssence"

Private Session on Zoom

Value $333


Plan Your Business

Step 2 - “Plan Your Business”

Includes Q&A Session

Value $288

Your Business

On This Online Training You Will:
  • Design a business plan

  • Decide on the ideal strategy for you

  • The process you must follow

  • A map to bring order and clarity 


Each business and each person are very different and unique. There is no One Formula that will give you all the answers for success. 


There are unlimited business solutions.


To know which ones are the ideal solutions for you, you must consider several factors:  what you want to achieve, your likes, the way you manage your time, your gifts and attributes, your limitations, your personality, your experience, knowledge, wisdom…  and even the moment in where you are in life. 

Step 2

Essence & Business

Discover Your Essence  $333

Plan Your Business           $288







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