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Akashic Records

Tap into your soul's wisdom

Experience the power of Akashic Records

registros akáshicos

Akashic Activation

Get a deep dive into the energy of all your existences to bring clarity and understanding. 



  • A deeper understanding of your true nature, and uncovering your unique gifts

  • Clarity on your life purpose

  • How to release energetic blockages and uncover the root cause of negative patterns

  • How to develop strategies for moving forward in a positive way

  • The secrets of your soul and unleashing your true potential

Get specific answers and solutions needed to move forward in life, relationships, business, health, and finances.

Resolve life lessons that are ready for your transformation.   

Use Code AK15

Desbloquea tu energía y permite el flujo en todos los aspectos de tu vida


Disuelve patrones repetitivos en tu vida que no te dejan avanzar


Conoce las características de tu esencia y tu grupo de almas específico

21 Day Process

When Lety receives the information that you will fill out when booking your session, she will get permission to enter your Akashic Records. Before the session with you, she will prepare the information that will be revealed to you.  

You will meet via Zoom for about 1:30 hr. to receive your Akashic information and with your records opened, Lety will channel more information for you. You'll also receive new Light Codes and DNA activations. 

After the first session, you will get the recording that will help you during your 21-Day inner work process. This is an important time frame for you to be able to transform and integrate the new energy. 

Bridge into the Woods
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