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Who Is Lety Martínez?

Essence & Business

I haven’t just been teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow their businesses for the past 20 years, I’ve been doing it myself for an even longer time. Living in a home with a bakery business was only the beginning of my business trajectory. 

I owned a Top-500 dance-fitness franchise, where I managed over 500 franchisees in Mexico and Latin America, helping them to turn their dreams into reality. 

Over time, I noticed that some entrepreneurs started lowering their levels of excitement. I realized that they got busy and lost their connection with their essence. In order to maintain the passion and fulfillment they needed to get centered and reconnect with their essence at the soul level and from that space, build the business.

soul wisdom

Soul Technologies

My passion for spirituality and life’s secrets led me to study personal development and self-knowledge, as well as Energy, Healing, Metaphysics, Kabbalah, Numerology, Akashic Records, Angels, Gene Keys, Mayan Cosmology, and other Soul Technologies for the expansion of consciousness.

I learned that when connecting with your soul and essence, there is a very profound discovery of the Self that turns into a compass that can guide you into your ideal path.

My mission is simple: to teach Spiritual Entrepreneurs to reconnect to their soul and essence and from that space, build a prosperous business doing what they love. 

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