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Natural Pond

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Your dream business in alignment

with your soul and essence

Meet Lety

When you stand in your light, doing what you love in alignment with your essence, success is inevitable. As a visionary Spiritual Entrepreneur, Lety has gone through the ups and downs of business and life, defeated gravity and attraction in unconventional ways that prove that old beliefs and systems are on the way to extinction. 

"I know that life isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need support, guidance and a dose of inspiration to get through the difficult times. I’m here to provide that inspiration and be your compassionate guide and biggest supporter, so that you can have a successful life and business!"


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As an expert in healing early life trauma, emotional abuse, and family dysfunction, in my professional practice I use an integrated approach of energy healing, Akashic Records, spirituality, Universal Laws, Gene Keys and life and business coaching. I also have an extensive experience of over 25 years as a business owner and mentor of franchises and other small businesses. 

I can help you, as I’ve helped many people and businesses, through a compassionate approach and full support. My clients experience peace, clarity and direction, finding practical and effective solutions for their life and business.

Are you feeling that...

You want to start or expand your Spiritual Business based on your passion, your soul essence and purpose, but you don't know how to start or you feel overwhelmed, even though you

know it's your next step.

Listen to the audio and download the guide
to lay a firm foundation, even if
you don't have a website yet.

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You know you want to move forward, open yourself up to what's next, reinvent yourself or make a change in your life, in your relationships or in your business, but you're having a hard time finding the solution, you lost concentration, you feel confused,

without clarity or purpose.

Download the guide to raise your vibration

and to get out of the vicious cycle.

12 Powerful Ways To Raise Your Vibration.png

Through more than 29 years as an entrepreneur, owner and manager of an international franchise, Lety has trained more than 500 entrepreneurs in Mexico and Latin America to start and manage their businesses with an effective and successful system that lets...


The business work for you, instead of you working for the business!

"Discover how to expand your business without having to work more hours by working wiser, not harder. Finding freedom, attracting ideal clients and financial increase should be a joy not a burden!"

"My passion is to help you shine your light brighter!"

Lety Martínez

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What Others Are Saying

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"By working with Lety I learned a lot about myself, which gave me clarity, confidence and a feeling of peace. Learning more about who I really am, about my gifts and talents, about my challenges, has inspired me to be who I am from a place of acceptance and truth.

I found that I can have more compassion for myself and accept and forgive myself more quickly when I'm wrong for whatever reason. She also gave me the courage and wisdom to move forward and be completely me and what I want to be. "

— Bonnie Raniewicz. NY.