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Natural Pond

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Get in alignment

with your soul and essence

Get In Alignment With Your Essence

By connecting with your essence, everything you do is based on who YOU REALLY ARE.

When YOU ARE YOURSELF, everything is in harmony, you have inspiration, your creativity flows, and there is abundance and synchronicity.

If you have a business or want to start a business, by BEING YOURSELF, your business comes from the Soul and your purpose is for the greater good, then you have a Spiritual Business!

Get started with this masterclass.

Discover the messages from the Universe and your Higher Self and connect with your essence.

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Meet Lety Martínez

Lety was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, lived several times in different cities of the United States, and now resides and runs her business in the beautiful Lake Chapala area, Mexico.

For the last  25 years, Lety has leveraged her expertise to help business owners how to build and scale their businesses through business mentoring, system implementation, as well as many other business-building strategies that create time-effective and efficient ways that attract ideal customers and revenue in alignment with

the soul and essence of Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Get weekly inspiration,  free gifts, actions to take, and tools for your

life and your business. 



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"By working with Lety I learned a lot about myself, which gave me clarity, confidence and a feeling of peace. Learning more about who I really am, about my gifts and talents, about my challenges, has inspired me to be who I am from a place of acceptance and truth.

I found that I can have more compassion for myself and accept and forgive myself more quickly when I'm wrong for whatever reason. She also gave me the courage and wisdom to move forward and be completely me and what I want to be. "

— Bonnie Raniewicz. NY.

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